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Biblical Greek - Blair Kasfeldt

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Memorize the Greek Alphabet!

Memorize the Present Active Indicative Paradigm!

Additional Resources

I say, speak, tell

Imagine a huge lego speaking to you.

Into, in, toward, to

Imagine an Ace (card or pilot) moving toward you.

God, god

God saves us.

In, on, at

Sounds like "in"

lord, Lord, master

Picture a curious lord.

I have, hold, wear

Imagine speaking into a cave and hearing your voice echo back to you. You reach out to grab the echo (you now have it) with your hands (hold) and throw it over your shoulder (wear).

For, at, by, with

Sounds like "pro, which means to be for or with."

You may also imagine a dog with four [for] prosthetic legs.

I become, happen

Picture yourself becoming a bottle of Gin labeled "My Gin."

Through, because of

Imagine the letter "D" going through a door because it has been accused (accusative case).

And, even, also

Kai sounds like high. Imagine going higher and higher and higher and even higher.

Self, even, same (adj.); he, she, it (pronoun)

"Autonomy" means to be self governing.

Imagine others referring to your auto as a she, he or it.

But, and, rather

Sounds like "day. Imagine the sun (symbolizing day") having a butt (but).

Every, each, all

Visualize Quarterbacks throwing passes to each and every person in the crowd.

Jesus, Joshua

Sound-Alike; Transliteration

From, out of, away from

You shout "Eek!" as you run away from something disgusting.

On, over, when

Imagine a pea that is massive on a plate that is over your head.