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The Miracle Man

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The Miracle Man

Calificar: 4 de 5 estrellas4/5 (1 calificación)
Longitud: 377 página6 horas


When old Limpy McGhee swears he's seen the Virgin Mary and received a miraculous cure at the ancient Mass Rock, the villagers of Inisbreen are skeptical. But they reckon without the religious fervor of Father Burke, the youngest parish priest in Ireland.
It's not long before the devout, the hopeful and the gullible arrive, one of whom is an apprentice hack from the Northern Reporter who believes he's stumbled upon a major scoop and a shortcut to a Pulitzer Prize.
And through all of this, the Miracle Man himself is plotting to get back with his lost love of forty years before.
Set in a tiny village on the Irish coast,this is a humorous novel packed full of colorful characters, comical situations and hilarious incidents.
"An enchanting book. The author has a wonderful ear for dialogue and his eye for detail is quite superb. His characters spring off the page, full of vitality, humor and an essential Irishness that is irresistible." Broo Doherty, Literary Agent.
"The novel's witticisms and vitality make it a near impossibility not to get swept up in its web of action." The Irish World
"A colorful comedy full of unique incidents and Irish humor." The Harp

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