Male/Female/Male and Romantic Hedonism
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Pure, unrestrained, sexual fantasy is the overriding theme of Kelly Carr’s erotic classics, Male/Female/Male and Romantic Hedonism. And now they’re together in one volume—complete and unabridged.

Male/Female/Male: A Story of Ménage—
“Dirty is a good word. A very, very good word.”

A different kind of love story in which a woman experiences the ultimate female fantasy of ménage à trois and finds that more is indeed merrier.

Romantic Hedonism—
“Couldn’t I make my own decisions? It’s not like I could call my husband and ask for permission to have sex with this very handsome and charming man.”

What happens when a bored housewife goes to London and has an affair with a rock star? She hopes her husband doesn’t find out.

One volume—two novels of sizzling erotica—Male/Female/Male and Romantic Hedonism: Two Erotic Novels is one book that you won’t want to miss.
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