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Biblioteca de ideas: Juegos

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Do you want games that make you run till you don't have anymore energy? Here they are. Do you want games that are postive for quiet groups? You found them! In this book you will find more than 400 games for your youth group to enjoy both indoors or outdoors. - BALLOON GAMES bring twice the enjoyment to your church meetings - BASKETBALL GAMES - VOLLEYBALL GAMES. What youth group doesn't like a good volleyball game? They will go crazy with the new ways to play this classic game. - INDOOR GAMES FOR BIG GROUPS. Reserve a big gym at your church and go to page 33 to check out the game collection. - SMALL SPACE GAMES good for parties and informal meetings. And more..indoor games for small groups and dozens of varieties of table games. You might be in charge of a youth group or the director of games at your church or camp. 'Games' is your source of ideas which have been proven by youth groups.
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