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Spanish audio learning - Cómo organizar una fiesta: Simply better Spanish – Organizing a party

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Sara and Pablo are organizing a surprise party for their friends Paula and Javi, who have fallen out with each other. Entertaining dialogues, vocabulary and phrases on this topic, as always in standard and colloquial language. A new section focuses on Spanish for beginners providing basic skills: Español básico. In this issue, you learn how to introduce yourself.
And of course, ECOS Spanish audio learning is travelling again, exploring castles in Castile: Castillo de Coca (Segovia) and Castillo de la Mota (Valladolid).
The grammar section in this issue deals with compound words – palabras compuestas – and we also offer you another Frase del mes as well as more phrases in our section "Modismos".
The year's end is approaching. In Madrid, Marta and Roberto are dreaming of winning the main prize in the Spanish Christmas lottery (Pérez family), and the streets of Columbia are alive with life-size puppets and figures, the "Muñecos de Año Viejo".

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Content: Audio downloads incl. a 28-page booklet with all spoken texts to read and bilingual glossary (PDF format), language: Spanish.

Listening and understanding is the best route to perfect Spanish. In around 60 minutes, the Spanish language training offers you interesting articles, interviews and background reports from the entire Spanish-speaking world. The texts are presented by native speakers. Whether different dialects or expressions - with ECOS Audio you will easily get to know the different facets of the Spanish language. In addition to original interviews and cultural tips, each audio download contains an extensive journalistic feature and a linguistic focus on Spanish grammar and Spanish vocabulary.

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