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Diary of Margery Blake

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Diary of Margery Blake

Escrito por P.J. Roscoe

Narrado por P.J. Roscoe

Longitud: 5 horas


Currently in production as an Audio Drama, due for release worldwide November 2020

Reaching womanhood is a terrifying prospect for the young, strong-minded Margery Blake when her father arranges her marriage to a man she barely knows. Realising she is nothing more than a pawn in her families politics, Margery has no power, no voice and no rights to fight the inevitable, however, what transpires is worse than anything Margery could ever have imagined. Alone and vulnerable, Margery writes the details of her turbulent marriage in a secret diary. The harshness of 19th century life for women, seen through the eyes of a young bride.

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