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Wife Lottery, The: Fallon: Six Men of Alaska, Book 1

Wife Lottery, The: Fallon: Six Men of Alaska, Book 1

Wife Lottery, The: Fallon: Six Men of Alaska, Book 1

3.5/5 (15 valoraciones)
4 horas
Feb 21, 2019


In a world where women are seen as a commodity to barter, Alaska promised a sanctuary. But to stay, I have to enter the wife lottery.

Six men, one wife. And I have no say in who those men will be. It's more than a game of chance--it's my life falling into the hands of strangers.

But the men who win my hand are ruggedly handsome and promise to protect me until death do us part.

Fallon and his strong will.
Giles and his protective streak.
Salinger and his easy smile.
Banks and his intellect.
Emerson and his faith.
Huxley and his charm.

I want them all, each for a different reason. My body is awake, my heart beats wild. But I'm also a woman running from a past that's catching up. Fast. My father is coming for me and he'll make my husbands pay--and that's not a gamble.
That's a guarantee.

*The Wife Lottery is book one of a six book series. Passion and suspense fill the pages of this dystopian romance. The world as we know it may be over, but Tia and her six men of Alaska aren't giving up without a fight.
Feb 21, 2019

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15 valoraciones / 2 Reseñas
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  • (4/5)
    I had read I think 4 out of the 6 books as they came out but lost track of the releases and hadn't ended up finishing it until now. I listened to these as I was allow (dang limits on listening each month haha). I had to remind myself each guy gets their own book, with their own POVs. I am used to in RH books where you get POVs all from the FMC or you get them from all the guys spread out throughout the book. I did enjoy it though, got some good insight with each one, with each story building upon the others.

    Story - 4/5
    - Book 1 focuses on Tia settling in to her new home after going through the lottery in Alaska. We get to focus on Fallon, her overprotective guy in the harem who is very possessive and not good with expressing his feelings (he does get better as the series goes on haha thank goodness). I thought the concept was interesting and liked all the secrets and stuff Tia was keeping from the guys. I don't blame her for doing what she did in the end, but it ended up costing her and the guys a lot unfortunately. I definitely can see why Fallon needed to go first in the series, because we wouldn't understand his possessive streak and he had to be the first one to really fall in love with Tia, with his alpha-ness going on haha. Good book, went right on to book 2.

    Narration - 4/5
    - These narrators aren't my favorite but I still think they did a good job with the performances. I thought Beth was good as Tia and all the female side characters we get to meet in this one. I thought sometimes Soren was a little off with Fallon, like keeping up his inflections, personality, etc. I think Fallon and Giles were his weakest performance, but he rocked the other ones, especially Salinger and Huxley! But to come on those in later reviews.

    I think this is a good start to a RH series, good amount of steam (even in book 1 as they are all exploring/getting to know each other), but focuses on developing the storyline. For Fallon, there was definitely heartbreak and you can understand where he is coming from past on his family and their past. I would definitely give this series and set of audiobooks a chance!
  • (2/5)
    Meh. There’s no real storyline just a lot of male posturing. I did feel like not all the guys were equally represented. It postlude centered around Fallon and his obsessive need to protect.