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Poppy's Dilemma

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Poppy's Dilemma

Escrito por Karly Lane

Narrado por Melle Stewart

Longitud: 9 horas


From the best-selling author of North Star and If Wishes Were Horses.

Poppy Abbott seems to have it all. Bright, successful and attractive, she lives in a beautiful apartment with sweeping views of Sydney. However, since the recent death of her beloved grandmother, she's been struggling to come to terms with her grief.

When sorting through her grandmother’s belongings she uncovers some love letters and an old diary with the name ‘Maggie Abbott’ on the front, detailing her romance with a young soldier. Maggie’s name is unfamiliar to her, and the last pages of the diary are ripped out, leaving Poppy at a loss of how this long-forgotten love story ended.

Drawn back to her grandmother's home in the country, Poppy begins to question whether what she always thought made her happy truly does, and as she learns more about her grandmother’s past, Poppy’s own love story begins to unfold.

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