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Bridie's Choice

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Bridie's Choice

Escrito por Karly Lane

Narrado por Melle Stewart

Longitud: 9 horas


From the best-selling author of North Star comes an absorbing novel about alternative destinies and the power of love.

Bridie Farrell and Shaun Broderick come from opposite sides of the tracks. Bridie's family are perennial strugglers whilst the Brodericks are the wealthy owners of Jinjulu — one of the most prestigious properties in the district. Bridie has always longed to leave the small town she grew up in, but family responsibilities have kept her anchored there.

Meanwhile, Shaun's dream of taking over the management of Jinjulu is dashed by his dictatorial father, who tries to rule Shaun's life both on and off the farm. When Shaun falls in love with Bridie, the Brodericks are horrified and make it very clear they don’t approve of 'that Farrell girl'. Faced with the biggest decision of her life, Bridie must choose whether to turn her back on her heart or her dreams....

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