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Believe in Me

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Believe in Me

Escrito por Alexandria House

Narrado por Mari y Sean Crisden

Calificar: 5 de 5 estrellas5/5 (60 calificaciones)
Longitud: 6 horas


More than a year after leaving her unfaithful husband, Renee Mattison is ready to move on, but how can she move on from someone who refuses to let go?

Lorenzo Higgs is handsome and magnetic, with a past that would send most women running, not to mention a little emotional baggage. Renee knows she should be afraid of Lorenzo, but the only thing that frightens her is the possibility of another broken heart.

The two share an electric attraction and a smoldering chemistry, but will they learn to truly believe in each other enough to build a lasting love?

Contains mature themes.

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