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The Christmas Rose: The River Maid, Book 3

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The Christmas Rose: The River Maid, Book 3

Escrito por Dilly Court

Narrado por Annie Aldington

Longitud: 11 horas


The third audiobook in the stunning River Maid series from Sunday Times best seller Dilly Court

Standing on London’s Victoria docks with the wind biting through her shawl, Rose Munday realises she’s been abandoned by her sweetheart.

She had risked everything to get to London, but, stumbling through the pea-soup fog, she has nowhere to go and no one to turn to.

Scared and alone, Rose steps straight into danger, only to be rescued by two women with even less to their names — a woman of the night and her young sidekick, Sparrow. With only a cluster of love letters to her name and all hope of her sweetheart’s return fading, Rose finds herself forging a new life with her unlikely companions.

But when a good deed turns sour, a dangerous enemy threatens to ruin them all. Will Rose be able to save her new friends and her future? If she can, a Christmas gift awaits that will change her life forever....

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