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Boxcar Christmas

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Boxcar Christmas

Escrito por Lindsay McKenna

Narrado por Johanna Parker

Longitud: 7 horas


Travis Ramsey is back in Hamilton, Montana, after 10 years serving as a Delta Force operator in Afghanistan. Now responsible for his dad's fishing guide business, Travis has to deal with his increasingly distant and difficult father, and guilt over his brother's death. His life takes a turn for the better when he meets Army vet Jesse Myers.

Jesse is taken with his grandparents quirky boxcar cabin and wants to rent it. Taken by her beauty — and the familiar haunted look in her eyes — he makes her a deal. He will rent the boxcar to her for free in return for her help in making renovations.

Working on the train car, Travis and Jesse grow closer. But when Jesse rescues a desperate Border Collie and her five adorable puppies, something unexpected happens: a Christmas miracle neither saw coming.

Contains mature themes.

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