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Alien Assassin

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In Alien Assassin, book two of the best-selling The Human Chronicles Saga, ex-Navy SEAL Adam Cain finds himself attempting to make a living the best he can in the alien universe he's been dropped into — as an assassin! After all, with his kick-ass attitude and instinctive hatred for aliens, he's a natural at it.

As a human among aliens, he's stronger, faster, and tougher than just about everyone — and everything — he encounters. In this reality, Adam is the Superman!

Alien Assassin is a whirlwind adventure of incredible space battles, shoot-outs with galactic criminals, and even a love interest that is...well, a little different. And as all of this is going on, the political forces of revenge and 4,000-year-old grudges converge on The Fringe Worlds. But even as galactic forces close in on Adam and his gang, there's one message that all the aliens begin to grasp: Don't mess with the HUMANS!

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