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Atticus's Secret: The Rainbow Riding School

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When Atticus, The Rainbow Riding School's stable cat, begins acting out of character the ponies take it upon themselves to follow him stumbling upon his surprising secret!

Atticus's Secret is the first in the book series of The Rainbow Riding School. The series follows the lives and adventures of a wonderful group of ponies and their friends living at the riding school. The wise old barn owl, Ptolemy, provides the strong moral compass to the books and is summoned by the ponies in times of need. His words always end the story with a simple moral message.

Atticus, the ginger tabby stable cat and Ketchup, the cockerel, provide bite size humor to these charming books. The author is giving a portion of each royalty sale to one of four animal charities that complement the characters in the book.

An Author's Republic audio production.

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