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A Full Analysis of Macbeth by William Shakespeare: A detailed analysis of Macbeth for those studying Macbeth

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Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s great tragedies and in this study guide we analyse the key meanings and subtleties within the play. We discuss the main protagonists, the key themes, the context and breakdown the core scenes so that you have all the necessary facts and arguments at your disposal. Written by Catherine Hartley and Stella Vassiliou, both of whom have Masters Degrees in English Literature from Cambridge and Oxford University respectively, their depth of understanding and analysis is brought to life by actors, including Guy Henry, the leading Shakespearian actor. As well as narrating, our actors provide a range of pertinent quotations so you are not only taken into the world of Shakespeare but are provided with all the salient information of this great play in a clear and compelling manner.

The chapters in the Macbeth series are:

Introduction and Critical Heritage
Analysis of Context
Act 1 Scene 1 – Witchcraft
Act I, scene ii - Foreshadowing
Act I, scenes iii and iv - The prophecies
Act I, scene v - Meeting Lady Macbeth
Act I, scenes vi and vii - Dramatic irony - Part 1
Act I, scenes vi and vii - Dramatic irony - Part 2
Act II, scene i - The dagger soliloquy
Act II, scene ii - The murder - Part 1

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