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A History of Ancient Israel: From the Patriarchs Through the Romans

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Israel conjures up myriad associations for peoples of all cultures and religious backgrounds. Inextricably associated with the world’s three most prominent religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), Israel is steeped in history and conflict, much of which is known through the tales of biblical figures such as Moses, David, Solomon, and, of course, Jesus Christ.

But how much of the Bible can be relied upon as accurate history? And how much of the biblical record can be verified through archaeology? Esteemed professor, researcher, and author Eric H. Cline of The George Washington University addresses these and other questions in this fascinating series of lectures.

A History of Ancient Israel follows the course of Israel’s history from Abraham and the Patriarchs through the Exodus, Exile, and two great Jewish rebellions, encompassing a rich history that increases one’s understanding of Israel’s place in the world today. In addition to this storied region’s tumultuous past, Professor Cline delves into such compelling digressions as lectures on the Ark of the Covenant, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and controversy surrounding the fabled mass suicide at Masada.

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