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Consistent Peak Performance: Practices of Professional Effectiveness

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Consistent Peak Performance: Practices of Professional Effectiveness

Escrito por Larry Iverson

Narrado por Larry Iverson

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Would you like to have increased success for yourself and your team? Do you think knowing the 5 steps the Mayo Clinic discovered to building unstoppable beliefs, greater confidence and high self esteem would be of benefit? Have you ever tried to trigger action and just couldn’t get going? Learn today how to rapidly change limiting thoughts and launch a much higher level of professional effectiveness. Dr. Larry Iverson will give you proven strategies for rapidly breaking through limiting beliefs that you can apply personally or within your team-to feel great, gain a mental edge, and boost your confidence and self esteem.

• Know the primary beliefs essential for ongoing success.
• Learn a mental strategy that rapidly builds a powerful, positive mindset.
• Know how to use Mayo Clinic research for increasing confidence and motivation.
• Use the secret ingredient which stimulates motivation and action.
• Learn the 7 success traits used by the ultra-successful.
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