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Think Like a Champion: An Informal Education in Business and Life

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Think Like a Champion: An Informal Education in Business and Life

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A Personal Note from Donald Trump:

I’ve always been a big supporter of education. It is the foundation from which we build our lives. As a developer, I know how important the foundation is to the building. A firm foundation is absolutely necessary. It’s something you cannot
skimp on, or treat lightly, or rush through to get done. Sometimes people are surprised when they find out that I am so serious about being well read and how much I emphasize education. The fact that there is an educational subtext in The Apprentice is the reason I agreed to do the show. I wanted there to be some substance along with the entertainment value. People of all ages learn lessons—business and otherwise—from watching and that has been a great source of pride for me. That’s one reason I write essays. They are a quick way to learn a thing or two or at least open the mind to thought. I may be successful already, but I learn something new every day. I also make the effort to learn every day. The theory behind my “think big”
credo is that if you want to build skyscrapers, or if you have big goals, you’d better have a good solid foundation to work from. These essays are one way to get that foundation in place and keep your life moving forward in the best way possible. It works for me, and I would hope it works for you.
Over the years, Donald Trump has written many bestselling titles, and he has also written short pieces that summarize his singularly successful tenets on how to live the good life, both personally and professionally. These have been personally selected by Donald Trump for Think Like a Champion, giving his special perspective in what amounts to an “informal education” on how to succeed in business and life. The pieces are engaging, informative and educational, presenting the clearest picture yet into the mind and heart of an extraordinary individual.

Essay titles include:

_ The More You Learn, The More
You Realize What You Don’t Know
_ Sometimes We Hesitate with Good Reason
_ There Are Times When You Should Move On
_ Keep the Big Picture in Mind
_ Give Your Higher Self a Chance
_ Discover and Live Your Purpose
_ Keep It Short, Fast, and Direct
_ Strive for Wholeness
_ Go Against the Tide
_ You Can Create Your Own Luck
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