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Hugh Carthy is giving a sermon on pastry. “Sometimes people try and compensate for the filling of a pie by just putting more pastry in. It’s like a Yorkshire pudding on a Sunday dinner, they’re putting in pastry to make up for what they lack in everything else,” he tells CW. Having previously heard Carthy wax lyrical about butter pies, the potato and pastry delicacy of his home town Preston, we’ve idly asked him if he has a strong view on whether a pie needs to be contained within pastry or if a puff top on a hotpot-style filling will do? It is self-evidently a daft question but Carthy is giving it some serious thought. “Just a pie with the topping is good enough for me,” he says. Then a pause. “With a pork pie though, having the pastry underneath is helpful so you can pick it up with your hands. But I wouldn’t get my knickers in a twist about it.”

It’s highly entertaining watching the gears of his brain tick over this topic, as they will do on many other things in the course of our conversation, working out in real time where he stands on this crucial baked-good conundrum, tongue firmly in his

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Mike McNamara
Mike McNamara, who has died at the age of 85, was one of the outstanding time triallists of his generation but – some would say unfairly – his place in history will largely be defined by a Liquorice Allsort. Mac, as he was universally known, set a me