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A Samsung GB EVO.

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Amateur Photographer2 min. leídos
Jeremy’s Top Tips
How it will work with the final image you have in your mind. Does it tell a story, convey a message or is it just a record shot with a pretty pink sky? Try to avoid the bland and banal, and think for yourself. Have the courage to stick to your own cr
Amateur Photographer1 min. leídosScience & Mathematics
Behind The Print
This shot of the 17th century Chesterton Windmill in Warwickshire holds great memories for me because it was the first time I had left my flat in more than three months, owing to the national lockdown. On the 30th of June 2020 I was finally allowed t
Amateur Photographer1 min. leídosScience & Mathematics
ISO And Noise
The crops shown below are taken from the area outlined above in red It should come as no surprise to see that the GFX100S extracts a ridiculous amount of detail from our test scene. There’s barely any visible difference in quality from ISO 50 to ISO