Savio Jon

. In his own quiet way, the designer has led the movement for long-lasting design and small, sustainable production cycles with a focus on dressing for comfort. With his new store 280 Siolim, he’s looking to bring his vision board to

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Shine like Ananya
Authenticity is having a moment. The aphorism reoccurs to me as I hop on a Zoom call with Gen-Z sensation Ananya Panday, who appears every bit as unguarded and relaxed as her Instagram self. The doe-eyed actor’s signature wide smile, sun-kissed skin
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Creative Licence
Like most sensible people, filmmaker Tarsem Singh spent most of 2020 indoors. Perhaps because his London home is not very different from one of his whimsical sets, he did not find this homebound time so challenging. “My life is kind of quarantined an
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Editor’s Letter
In her book, The Multi-Hyphen Method, Emma Gannon describes the culture ushered in by a cohort of creatives who come with multiple slashes in their job titles (herself included). They refuse to be defined by one job alone and their multifaceted perso