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Pimoroni’s Picade arcade cabinets have a long history of quality. Coming as a laser-cut, self-assembly kit

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On The Disc
MIN SPECS: 2GB RAM The internet is far from anonymous. Everywhere you go you leave a trail of breadcrumbs (not to mention cookie crumbs) that lead back to you. On top of that, your browser keeps a complete history of every site you have visited and
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Quick Tip
Any URLs you use with your URL shortener will potentially be viewable by other people, especially if you’re using simple URLs. You may want to think twice before linking to anything which is copyrighted or which you otherwise might not want your moth
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Letter Of The Month
I’ve come across a number of people now referring to Arch as a professional distro. Is that really the case? I know it’s often described as difficult to install, but if anything that feels like the opposite of what a professional would be after. Sim