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‘I don’t plot, I just have lots of interesting moments to arrange’

Sunday Times bestseller Erin Kelly knows a thing or two about what makes a compelling psychological thriller – she’s written a few of them. Author of He Said/She Said, Stone Mothers and The Poison Tree, Erin also wrote the novelisation of TV crime drama Broadchurch. Her new novel, Watch Her Fall, is set in the cut-throat world of ballet – the perfect backdrop for a twisty thriller that’s sure to leave you breathless.

Erin lives in North London with her husband and two daughters.

I just have lots of interesting moments then arrange. I’ve been toying with it on and off for ages, and it didn’t start out about ballet. It was about a woman who was isolated. As soon as the security guard entered the arena, that’s when the story began. Why was he the only person to see the ballerina?  

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