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BBC History Magazine1 min. leídosAutomotive
The first cars made in Britain are built by Daimler in Coventry. Soon after, Humber and Rover are among the many Coventry cycle companies that switch to making cars. The Standard Motor Company introduces the mass assembly line to Coventry. Output sho
BBC History Magazine2 min. leídos
Daring Dispatches
War has long been understood as men’s business. The memoirs of generals and front-line soldiers compete for shelf space with edited collections of letters from soldiers and military histories largely written by men. This book is a salutary reminder t
BBC History Magazine2 min. leídos
The Churches Of Conversion
Christianity had originally been introduced to Britain as early as the third century, when the island was part of the Roman empire. When St Augustine and his companions arrived at the end of the sixth century to convert the Anglo-Saxons, therefore, t