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“My friendships and are I one am -sided lonely”

Q I’m single, have no children and I’ve never had a long-term, fulfilling relationship. I have a job that I enjoy, a loving family and close friends. However, as time goes by, I feel that my friends mean more to me than I do to them because I’m always the one who keeps in touch.›

They’ve made life choices that I haven’t and I’m happy for them. I have never been envious of what they have, but it still hurts that I’m the one making all the effort. I don’t feel as if I can talk to my friends about this, despite knowing that I could speak to them about

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How To Reignite Your Childhood Passions
1 Try and return to your childhood emotionally. Look at pictures from your past and remind yourself what you wanted and who you were when you were that age. Read your diaries if you have any. If this doesn’t jog your memories, retrace the games you