My aim as an artist is always to try and fit as much into the world of my illustrations as possible. Making art reminds me what I’m excited about in life and I want the world I’m creating to reflect that.

Gathering reference and inspiration is one of the most important and fun parts of my workflow; the idea for this workshop was sparked from walking in a park near my house. Having reference photos on hand makes me work faster and more confidently, because I can quickly look at images of a certain texture of tree bark or bird wings, or art that reminds me what I’d like to work towards.

Noticing what you specifically find interesting about the world

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A Masterful Composition
Pre-production is important for this type of illustration. I design multiple layout compositions to make sure that all of the characters are expressing their personality through their pose. I also make sure that the composition is harmonious as a who
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Paint Iconic Key Art For Blizzard
Will Murai LOCATION: US Will is a Japanese-Brazilian artist living in California. He’s a senior vis-dev artist at Blizzard Entertainment, working on animation, illustration and concept art. BlizzCon celebrates all of Blizzard Entert
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The Panel Of Artists…
Known online as Loish, the Dutch character design artist has built up a huge following on social media. Creative director Finnian has extensive experience working in the film and video games industries. Clayton’s been