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Owners Gemma Lewis, owner of Wattle and Daub Interiors (wattleanddaubhome.co.uk), lives here with her husband Gary, a project manager, their children Erin, 14, and Samuel, 10, and their two whippets Lemmy and Ludo. House A semi-detached, four-bedro
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‘When it comes to decorating any outdoor structure, preparation is key,’ says Matthew Brown, technical consultant at Sandtex. ‘They are generally built with rough-sawn timber so if previous coatings are flaking or greying, use a stiff nylon brush to
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Owners Beth and Doug McKenzie live here with their children Max, 14, Kitty, 12, and Eliza, six, plus Coco, the chocolate sprocker spaniel House A five-bedroom 1904 Arts and Crafts house in Surrey Project Moving the kitchen into the extended garde