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Risk It For A Biscuit
National Biscuit Day is coming up in May and we have a wonderful variety of biscuits to celebrate, from workaday plain digestives to classy chocolate shortcakes and the classic, custard creams. Writing is a way of paying attention to life in all its
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UK Non-fiction Market
That’s Life is a UK weekly print and digital tabloid-style magazine which publishes true life stories. A recent issue included these headlines: ‘Menopause, more like MEN, no PAUSE!’ ‘My Broody Fella Knocked Up Our Pal With Twins’ and ‘I Gave My Boy,
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Online Science Market
Futurism is a US science and technology news website that publishes around 6-8 stories a day. Editor Jon Christian is always open to pitches for stories, and is particularly interested in coverage of space travel, climate and environmental stories, a