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FINALLY, WE HAVE something to get excited about. GASGAS Australia has announced there will be a local launch of its enduro and motocross ranges in the first week of February, so let’s hope there’s no more COVID outbreaks before this issue of ADB goes on sale on Monday, February 1.

People often ask why we don’t just bastardise launch reports from overseas as they seem to get bikes before us. The simple answer is that the specs of the bikes we get sometimes vary

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The Victim
• Name: Nigel Say • Age: 49 • Lives: Hunter Valley, NSW • Rides: 2001 KTM 300EXC he picked up cheap about four years ago. He’s swapped out the Keihin carby for a Lectron and also replaced the fork seals, wheel bearings, brake pads and all the othe
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Matrix A8 Ramp
A RAMP IS just a ramp, right? I’d been using a one-piece number for years to load bikes into the back of my ute and never really thought much about it. That was until I received this folding Matrix A8 Aluminium Folding Ramp from Serco and realised I’
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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nathan
1. I love eating spicy corn chips. 2. My older sister also rides a dirtbike, a Honda CRF70. 3. I play tennis and ride BMX. 4. My pop can fix anything. 5. My favourite YouTube channel is Unspeakable. ■