Dirt Action


Riding a minimum of 1610km in less than 24 hours on gravel/dirt in the Iron Butt Association (IBA) world is called a Dusty Butt. If there’s any sealed road in the route it has to be subtracted from the kilometre count. High standards of proof are required for the IBA to certify it.

There’ve been 52 Dusty Butts certified worldwide on bikes ranging from BMW R1200GSs to the smallest, a KTM 620. I thought it might be worth upping the ante — or lowering it — by having a crack on a Yamaha WR250R. A proper test of man and machine.


During COVID-19 it’s been difficult to get hold of used bikes, but I fluked an already ‘adventurised’ WR with 24,000 kilometres of relevant experience. It sported a good bash plate, an 18-litre tank, comfy seat, luggage racks and various items of protection. I snapped it up, rode it 50 kilometres home and then delivered it to Clive ‘The Professor’ Ward at Motorcyclebiz. Clive knew my requirements and prepared the bike meticulously. Work included changing every bearing, the fluids, filters, tyres, tubes, chain, sprockets, and checking every nut and bolt. A larger screen, a Montana 680T mount, high-rise bars, bar risers, a pair of Baja Designs Squadron Pros and a Rotopax bracket were fitted. Importantly, the front suspension was serviced and adjusted, and

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