THE SPOTTED SHAG (parekareka) is a largely marine-based cormorant that can be found roosting on cliff edges. It spends a lot of its time at sea diving for food and can hold its breath for up to 70 seconds.


Endemic (occurring only in New

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Whittling Knives
Get your wood into shape with these specialist whittling tools. Mora 106 Woodcarving Knife $49.90 An 82mm laminated carbon steel blade for whittling, marking and detail work. Full tang with customisable birchwood handle. e.ampro.co.nz Mora 164 Wo
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Great Hard Loo To Find Views
Reading Peter Laurenson’s article ‘Tararua tops feast’ (March 2021), one sentence triggered a reaction in me: ‘The nearby loo has an even better view.’ Fantastic views from loos have vanished as DOC seems to have decreed to its contractors that ‘all
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Plus-sized Trampers
IT SEEMS AMAZING that five months into 2021, we’re only just beginning to see outdoor gear manufacturers tentatively begin making clothing for larger hikers. I get that the logistics involved in making an expanded size range is tricky and I am sympat