FILMMAKER BOBBIE REEVE was in his early 20s when Dragonfly ZK-AFB disappeared on a scenic flight between Christchurch and Milford Sound.

Likely downed somewhere in the Southern Alps, its pilot

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If The Shoe Fits
What’s the first step in a comprehensive boot fitting? The first thing you want to do is measure the customer’s foot – that gives you the information for where to start the fitting. But you also need to know how your range of boots fit in terms of s
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A Welcome Change
Tararua Forest Park THE TARARUA RANGE is well known (and often cursed) for its gruelling ridge travel: tough climbs, deep dips and hard going. Want something more undulating, perhaps with a scattering of tarns, and some pleasantly easy tussock tops
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Learning The Lyrics Of BIRDSONG
THE FOREST HAS language if you know how to listen. There is the gobbledigook of tūī, the laughter of tīeke, the drunken slurs of kererū; that much we can recognise, but how much do we understand? Ecologist Dianne Brunton has spent years analysing bir