Love stories

‘We share our worries and our joy’

Graysen Hall, 27, is a non-binary trans person engaged to be married this year to Gwyn Morris, 34, who is also transgender. The couple met in 2015 and both work with young LGBTQIA+ people

I MET GWYN AT A ROLLER DERBY six years ago. I wanted an excuse to talk to him, so offered to share my ‘magic powder’, which helps diminish the stench of the elbow and knee pads we wear. I nervously sprinkled on so much that his black pads turned white!

We arranged to meet for coffee. I was so nervous, I went to the wrong coffee shop by mistake and was late. Meeting up with someone who was transgender, just like me, was amazing. It helped that I had a big crush on him. But, beyond that initial spark, there was the knowledge that this person could relate to me in a way that no one

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