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Good to SHARE
While visiting family in Tiverton, Devon, we came across this perfect picture. The horse that pulls The Great Western canal boat was resting under a shady tree, having his lunch. Katie Gooding, Tidworth, Wiltshire I always look for the craft articl
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4 Fixes For... Mouth Ulcers
Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and try antimicrobial mouthwash, but do not use toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulphate. Eat softer foods, and drink cool drinks through a straw. Avoid very hot or acidic drinks such as fruit juice, or very spicy,
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An Offer I Can REFUSE
“‘I’m really discovering myself,’ said Mrs Beasley, as we walked through the woods together. ‘I am finally beginning to find out who I really am.’ The dog snorted at this, and frankly I could not have put it better myself. Mrs B, who is stepping do