nother month, another Adrian Tchaikovsky book. Does he never sleep? (7 January, Head Of Zeus) is a follow-up to , his excellent 2017 novel about a dog a bear called Honey… Meanwhile, Neal Asher has kept busy during the pandemic. (out now, NewCon Press) features five new novellas and one expanded from a 2019 story, all exploring what’s in store for humanity after the Polity (Asher’s future society run by AIs). Expect an sfnal take on , plus a mutated giant whelk. Fans of Leigh Bardugo and Sarah J Maas are the marketing target for YA title (7 January, HQ). Lindsay Cummings’s epic fantasy follows a young woman wrongly accused of her brother’s murder and cast out for her demon-like powers, as she strives to discover what happened. The second novel is focused on the USS Titan; James Swallow’s (5 January, Pocket Books) sees Riker forming an uneasy alliance with a Romulan commander. Coffee table book (out now, Titan) showcases concept art by Curry, a visual effects designer on TV for 18 years. Also imminent: (12 January, Eaglemoss Publications). The fourth in a series, it includes neat cutaway illos of key locations such as Quark’s bar.

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