Watching The Detectives

THE MISADVENTURES of Sam Vimes and the coppers of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch have been thrilling and amusing readers for more than 30 years now, ever since the 1989 publication of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Guards! Guards!

The Discworld novels had many recurring characters, of course, from Rincewind to Granny Weatherwax and Tiffany Aching. But it was always clear that Vimes held a special place in the author’s heart. Over the course of eight core City Watch novels (and appearances in numerous other Discworld books), we saw him grow and change from a washed up flatfoot to a happily married Duke and leader of a fully functioning police force that helped move the city into a more modern age.

A TV show based on the City Watch books was first announced way back in 2011. For various reasons, most notably the sad passing of) and starring Richard Dormer (’ unkillable Beric Dondarrion) as Vimes. We caught up with Allen and Dormer using a highly advanced new version of the clacks known as “Zoom” to find out more.

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