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What's Up Online? Eagle Scout Trivia!
Before you buy tents, sleeping bags, hiking boots and other outdoor gear, check out our expert advice at go.scoutlife.org/gearguy Visit go.scoutlife.org/pinewood for super-fast speed tips, hundreds of creative design ideas and more Pinewood Derby fun
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A True Story Of Scouts In Action
Logan Luedtke, 8, was riding on the slippery winter roads of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, with his mom and two brothers when their SUV rolled down an embankment into a freezing cold river. Logan knew they should evacuate the SUV immediately. The side doo
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About one out of every four people GIVE VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTS TO THEIR PETS. (Cat owners spend more on their pets than dog owners do.) The first HEART-SHAPED BOX OF CHOCOLATES came out in 1861. Americans spend nearly $21 BILLION on Valentine’s Day. T