SEX and the SIMS

I lean in and ask if she wants to do it. She cheers and punches her fist in the air, which seems like a good sign. We head over to the bed and, in one precisely synchronised move, jump under the covers at the exact same time. Romantic music is playing. The bed is squeaking. There’s writhing. There’s wriggling. One of us makes a meowing sound like a horny cat. This is going great. So great it feels like there are little pink hearts floating in the air. I can sense our relationship growing stronger. And then… fireworks. Literal fireworks are exploding all around us. We have just woohooed.

In my time, I have woohooed in a shower, a hot tub, a sauna, a walk-in closet, a money vault, a lighthouse, a rocket ship, a bush in the jungle and a random pile of leaves. I

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DIVA2 min. leídosGender Studies
“The Societal Pressure For Conformity Is Immense, Leaving People Isolated And Lonely”
What is daily life like for LGBTQI people in Japan? Day-to-day life for LGBTQI people in Japan can be hard. There is a lack of acceptance and understanding at home and school which can lead to students being bullied, both by their teachers and other
DIVA1 min. leídosLGBTQIA+ Studies
Queer Icons And Their Cats
Queer Icons And Their Cats is a gorgeous new book by Alison Nastasi and PJ Nastasi that every self-respecting DIVA reader needs on their bookshelf. Featuring LGBTQI icons past and present, alongside their feline friends, this book is dedicated to “LG
DIVA4 min. leídos
The Scissoring Special
Since the dawn of time, queer women have argued ferociously about whether or not scissoring is a thing. In all likelihood, gay cavewomen were debating scissoring long before scissors were even invented. I like to think that back then they called it D