MINERALS but mighty

Let food be thy medicine.” This quote is often assigned to Hippocrates.

Funny thing though, he didn’t actually say it: it’s been widely disproved, in fact. But whoever did say it was onto something.

Fake quotes are just as popular as fad diets, wonder cures and lifestyle brands which are just as popular as new and improved supplements and meal replacements.

Amongst those doing a fair amount of exercise, there is always the “to supplement or not to supplement, that is the question” conundrum.

So how does one sift through all this information while holding down a job or studying, having a family and generally trying to survive 2020, in all its glory? I’ll tell you how.

Nutrients on the plate

The primary goal is to eat real food. Food is amazing because it’s not just tasty, it’s fuel. It also contains

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71 Trail Events From April To June 2021
Karkloof Backyard Ultra. 6,706m laps. Karkloof Club. Run 6,706m every hour on the hour until you can no longer complete a lap within the required time. Start 2pm. Ostrich Crawl. 9km. Highgate Ostrich Show Farm. Run through vel
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Advice For Pro Hopefuls
1 Find your Why. Figure out your reason for running, and then your reason for wanting to make it a career. I think that’s important, because often in training and races you're going to be asking yourself questions. Especially during ultra runs, you g
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Rock Protection
If you run on uneven rocky dirt trails you may find the soles of your feet getting bruised. This is a lot more painful that it sounds. While the outer sole or grip of the shoe reduces this, sometimes shoe designers include an additional layer of the