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Run and Done?

o figuratively be a strong runner, you must literally be a strong runner, too. “If you have a body that has strong roots, you’re going to be able to endure for the long miles ahead,” says Sally McRae, a professional mountain runner for Nike who shares her at-home strength workouts on her Instagram account

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Martha Garcia
Martha Garcia got her start in fashion footwear. When she joined Deckers in 2015 and full-time at Hoka One One in 2016, it wasn’t a natural fit. “I questioned why I was working with them to be quite honest,” Garcia says. “I felt very intimidated by t
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Jenny Taylor
For an outdoor brand rooted in high-performance technical gear for alpine sports like skiing and mountain running and heavily marketed to men, making women feel welcome isn’t an easy task. But at Salomon, VP of marketing Jenny Taylor and her team are
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Ready to Carb Up?
Carbs can get a bad rap, but the truth is, they’re a runner’s best friend. Simple ones, like fruit or sugar, provide quick hits of energy and can replenish tired muscles. Complex carbs, like oats, deliver consistent energy for fewer spikes and slumps