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WHETHER you’re a ‘fresh out the gate’ 4x4 beginner or an experienced overlander, when listing your modification wish list one of the initial items is usually the brightest auxiliary lighting you can bolt on. Let’s face it, the OEM lighting offered by vehicle manufacturers today is a little on the underwhelming side, given the speeds achievable by both 4x4s and our intrepid Australian fauna. Being able to cast your vision well ahead can mean the difference between getting to your after-dark destination, or wearing Sonny’s best mate deep into the grille.

ARB has more than 45 years of experience manufacturing 4x4 quipment under its belt, and after releasing the original Intensity LED light range, listened to customer feedback to develop lights with better design and operation. The ability to alter the output of the lights rated highly with customers, but why would you want to bring down

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0027619 KM DATE ACQUIRED: JULY 2020 PRICE (AS TESTED): $42,848.90 KM SINCE LAST UPDATE:1333KM AV FUEL: 9.0L/100KM FOLLOWING months of hibernation, Netflix and late-night food deliveries, it was great to get out again and enjoy the Victorian sunshine