America's Civil War

Don’t Fiddle Around

on a much smaller scale west of the Mississippi than in other theaters, although that in no. A small Confederate battle flag, sheet music cover, and hand-written slogans adorn the case’s exterior, including a notice that reads: “The last song any Yank will hear ever! I’ll play this fiddle for any Yankee Bastard.”

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Lost Cause and Effect
APPROXIMATELY 200 MONUMENTS and tablets at Gettysburg National Military Park commemorate Confederate military units of the Army of Northern Virginia or the states from which soldiers of that army came. During my years working at the park, I often hea
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America’s Civil War
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‘We Are Fighting Here’
April 19, 1861, dawned like any other day in Baltimore. Even at such an early hour, the streets of the nation’s third largest port city bustled. Draymen cracked their whips at weary horses; wagon wheels rattled over cobblestone streets; buyers and wh