In Taiwan and many parts of East Asia, ‘Ghost Month’ is a month-long celebration for people in the afterlife. People of Chinese heritage who follow Buddhism and Taoism believe that life continues after death, so it is important to look

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Moon Landings
Fifty years ago, we knew what the future would be. Back then, children for the first time saw images sent from beyond the Earth. They saw Russian cosmonauts space walking and American astronauts walking on the moon. They looked up and saw daring men
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Scoop Club
One late afternoon, Angela was walking her dog, Dumpling, through the park. They walked past swings and slides and continued on into the woods, with its tall, towering trees. Angela spotted some of her friends in the distance, so she went over to tal
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Meet Scoop Super Fan ROMY
Can you tell us about your life and interests? My name is Romy and I’m ten. I love dance (I want to be a dancer when I’m older), art, rollerskating, interior design (I just did up my bedroom) and make-up art. I have two younger brothers and I’m goin