When drinking loose-leaf tea, some of the leaves inevitably stick to the bottom and sides of the cup. Tasseography involves ‘reading’ the shapes formed by these leaves to predict the tea drinker’s future – an angel, for example, means good news is on the way. It’s not just tea leaves that can be read like

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Overheard In A Tower Block
There are things that lurk in the library,that thumb and squeeze between the leaves.New worlds can be found in the books,characters listen to all that you read.There are whisperings between the wordsand shivers rearing to leap on your spine. Run your
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Why We Sing
If you are lucky, and you are out in the woods at the right time, you might just be able to hear the song of the nightingale. A gentle and enchanting trill that wafts through the trees on a summer’s night, it is birdsong so sweet it has inspired poet
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Scoop Club
On a walk in November,We heard a purr,Soft yet loud,Loud and proud,‘Meow Food’‘Are you in a good mood?’‘To give me some food?’The cat we named Puffin. On a day in DecemberWe heard a purr,From the curb,In the suburb.‘Meow Food’‘Are you in a good moo