As President-Elect Joe Biden Doubles Down On Calls For Unity, Supporters Have Doubts

"That's a wonderful sentiment," says Abbi Gold, 59, a Democrat from Arizona. "It's probably a really sweet pipe dream." Hoping to help, many are ramping up trainings for cross-the-aisle conversations.
In the past four years, Elizabeth and Tracy Murphy say they have experienced increased racial harassment and hostility from Trump supporters, leaving them not exactly in the mood to extend an olive branch. Source: Courtesy Elizabeth Murphy

President-elect Joe Biden is doubling down on his calls for unity and healing, reminding Americans, "We are at war with the virus not with each other." In his Thanksgiving address this week, Biden reiterated the appeal he's been making since his first speech as president-elect, when he implored everyone to "put away the harsh rhetoric," "give each other a chance," and end what he calls "this grim era of demonization in America." But the notion is proving a hard sell to many, including Biden's own supporters.

"That's a wonderful sentiment," says Abbi Gold, a 59-year-old office manager and Democrat from Arizona. "[But] it's probably a really sweet pipe dream."

Gold says it's been challenging in this political climate to hold on to some of her relationships with loved ones who support Trump. She thinks it may be generations before the political rancor subsides enough to allow for

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