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‘We found each other again and we’re taking back what was stolen from us’

THE tears start even before the bride has made it to the altar and the groom meets her halfway up the aisle, wiping her face gently with a tissue.

Like most weddings, it’s an emotional affair – but for this couple, there’s way more water under the bridge than for most soon-to-be newlyweds.

For one thing, their four children are among the guests. For another, they’ve been here before – and in the 23-plus years since they last met at the altar, they’ve endured a roller coaster that would stretch most families to breaking point.

Which is exactly what happened.

Morné and Celeste Nurse had a child, lost that child, broke up in the bitter years of blame and guilt, found her again and then tried to adapt to a new reality fraught with complexity.

But they managed to find each other again – and now here they are in the Rocklands Baptist Church in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, saying “I do” all

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