GETTING LOST on a trail rarely amounts to much good, but for cartographer Gary Patterson, it sparked a life changing idea.

After becoming disoriented on the Alps 2 Ocean trail, he realised there was a

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What’s In My Pack
My Norco Range climbs and descends almost anything so long as I’m feeling fit and brave. It’s a far cry from the non-suspended steel frame bikes of my youth. For adventure riding it’s important to have a comfortable wide shoe. My Shimano SH-MT71 sho
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Help Wanted To Find Missing Plane
FILMMAKER BOBBIE REEVE was in his early 20s when Dragonfly ZK-AFB disappeared on a scenic flight between Christchurch and Milford Sound. Likely downed somewhere in the Southern Alps, its pilot Brian Chadwick and his four passengers were never seen ag
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Pigeon Post
It was good to see some advertising for trail running shoes (‘2021 Trail running shoes’, January 2021) as New Zealand is such a great place for trail running. It was a bit disappointing, however, that the accompanying photo was not that of a trail