Biden faces a world that will be wary of U.S. leadership

OR FOUR YEARS, Donald J. Trump has kept both U.S. foes and allies off-balance with his “America first” approach to global politics. For a world that had grown accustomed to the U.S. as rule-maker rather than rule-breaker of the international order, Trump’s embrace of “What have you done for us lately?” international relations was understandably

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What's Being Done To Combat Violence Against Asian Americans?
WHEN CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST AMANDA Nguyen saw the video, she was horrified. In the Jan. 28 security footage, 84-year-old Vicha Ratanapakdee was brutally pushed to the ground while on a morning walk in San Francisco. Two days later, he died. In respons
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Problems Pile Up For Mexico’s President
HOW LONG CAN Andrés Manuel López Obrador defy gravity? The list of his country’s problems is long. Though Mexico’s President promised to combat violent crime upon taking office in 2018, drug cartels still control big pieces of Mexico’s territory, and
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Italy Gets A New Leader, And A Shot Of Optimism
POPULAR FORMER EUROPEAN CENTRAL Bank (ECB) chief Mario Draghi was sworn in as Italy’s Prime Minister on Feb. 13. Draghi, 73, won respect at home and abroad in 2012, when his decisive ECB leadership was credited with saving the euro. His appointment—a