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3 Quick Tips
1. See the BBC Sky at Night Magazine article on ‘How to take photos of Uranus and Jupiter’ at bit.ly/3rkGfVo 2. Use an imaging focal ratio calculated at about 3x to 5x your pixel size in microns. For a 3.5µm pixel camera, a focal ratio of f/10 to f/1
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A Beginner’s Guide To DSLR Cameras
DSLRs (digital single-lens reflex cameras) are brilliantly versatile astrophotography cameras, and for a wide range of reasons. They perform well for most types of target, including wide-field Milky Way shots, Moon images, and deep-sky objects like g
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The Big Three
DON’T MISS BEST TIME TO SEE: 6, 14 and 29 May at specified times Jupiter reaches equinox on 2 May, a position where the geometric centre of the Sun’s disc appears to cross the equatorial plane of the planet. Compared to Earth, Jupiter’s axial tilt is