Trans And Nonbinary Candidates Set Record Wins In Red And Blue States

In 2020, transgender candidates continued to win elections. In Kansas, one winner, Stephanie Byers, says voters seemed more concerned with her policy than with her gender identity.
Stephanie Byers, pictured here as a 2018 GLSEN Educator of the Year, won her 2020 race for the Kansas state House of Representatives. Source: Ilya S. Savenok

In the 2020 general election, voters elected six transgender candidates to state office, a historic turn that will increase the number of trans elected officials in state legislatures from four to seven nationwide.

"For the entire LGBTQ community, but especially for trans people, these victories are incredibly meaningful and indicate a growing level of acceptance that definitely was not there just a few years before," says Elliot Imse, Senior Director of Communications at LGBTQ Victory Fund.

Openly trans candidates were elected, or reelected, to 32 when new winners take office next year.

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